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The Band


AJ, Cole, Jeremy, Joel, & Stacy

Bumblefist has no boundaries to what they play…it’s all about what the crowd loves and wants to hear. While Bumblefist’s sound can be described as modern power rock, they also throw in some classic rock, pop, and maybe even the occasional country song (somewhat rocked out, of course!). Their motto is to “rock at random” as they love to keep you guessing when they go from Guns ‘N Roses to Journey to Garth Brooks then round it out with selections from Buckcherry, Volbeat, Ozzy, The Offspring, Megadeath,  Tom Petty, and many more. The band is comprised of members from vastly different musical backgrounds and styles. Each musician brings something different to the table in terms of talent and music selection which is what makes Bumblefist such a versatile, appealing band for any crowd. Whether you appreciate massive vocal talent, screaming guitar licks, groovin bass lines, the coolness of a keytar, or a rockin drum beat that beckons you to the dance floor, AJ, Cole, Jeremy, Joel, & Stacy are ready to party right along with you!!

COLE – Guitar & Backing vocals

Cole grew up as the eldest son of a shoe cobbler.  He was born and raised in Eau Claire where he was fed a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, ZZ Top, Lucky Charms, & Nintendo.  Well, not much has changed there except his talent.  At the tender age of 16 he discovered Aerosmith and it was all over.  Shortly after he joined a band of traveling minstrels from the Stanley area and slowly but surely became a true student of the instrument.  Cole has found that there are killer guitarists in every genre whether it’s blues, country, jazz, classical, or metal….every one has something to offer!BW Cole



JEREMY – Drums & Percussion

During his travels to the far reaches of the neo-cortex, Jeremy has spent countless years performing sold out arena shows and laying down the chops for various multi-platinum acts. Years later his travels brought him to Rochester MN to perform with Next To Nothing playing street dances and bars.  In January 2010 Jeremy found his way back home to Eau Claire WI and Bumblefist was born.  Although Jeremy also has another job, he’s much too frequently under the influence of Bumblefist to be a productive member of society, and what he actually does from 9 to 5 to earn a living is a matter of great debate.  His passions are his family, his friends, drumming, traveling, nightlife & live music events, skiing, and mountain biking.  Jeremy has a gorgeous wife and two awesome boys who are also rock stars, even if they choose to never perform on stage.  He has too many musical influences to list any favorites but likes to stay current with the latest rock & power pop artists.  On stage he uses an array of noise makers that have words written on them such as Tama, Simmons, Pearl, Paiste, and Sabian. Over the years, he has developed a talent for using  wooden sticks to hit these things in structured and coordinated patterns which, with the help of his five partners in noise production, entices people to move to the front of the stage and shake up the house all night long. Come out to a Bumblefist show and experience it for yourself!


STACY – Lead Vocals, Keytar

Stacy was born a gypsy to a family of nomad brandy distillers dwelling in the outskirts of Bohemia.  After the banishment of the gypsies her family moved to Wisconsin where they tried their hands farming tobacco and perfecting their dental hygiene.  True to her gypsy roots, Stacy practiced music and dancing from an early age.  During her wild and crazy youth, Stacy sang and performed around Wisconsin with a bunch of twerps before discovering the powerful rock beat that led her to Bumblefist.  During the week, Stacy is dreaming of the weekend while successfully entrancing people with her “professional” aura and clever brains.  Stacy enjoys downing bambis and eating them with cheesy hashbrowns.  She owns many guns, which necessitate an entire rack, and has a deep love for Britney Spears, Kidsong videos, and Samuel Jackson beer (it’ll get ya drunk!).


JOEL – Lead Bass Guitar

Wicked good.  Have you seen this guy play?!

























AJ – Sound, backing vocals

AJ was born the son of a preacher man.  Being good wasn’t always easy, no matter how hard he tried.  They tried to tempt him back to the path of righteousness with krumkaka and lefsa, but he was drawn like a moth to the flame.  At the age of 17 he left righteousness in the dust and joined a boy band.  He traveled the continental US, spreading debauchery and sin in his wake while singing high tenor and lead and setting up equipment as needed.  He finally ended his wandering ways in Eau Claire and began a path of knowledge.  Learning the ways of the fader from some fantastic teachers, he learned how much raw power a fader master truly held at his fingertips.  Utilizing both of these trained talents, AJ pulls together the art of the fader and the voice into an act of pure synchronicity, reinforcing an already strong talent, Bumblefist.