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2011 Schedule Kick-off!!

Tonight’s the night!  Bumblefist is kicking off our amazing 2011 schedule at the Silver Mine Ski Jumping Invitational!  Be sure to come out tonight and to many of the other great shows we have scheduled.  Check  back often as we’re not done adding dates yet!!  Rock at random!!

More 2011 Dates!!

The 2011 Bumblefist bookings keeps growing, spread the news and check out our updated schedule often for additional information!!

2011 O’Leary’s dates just added!!

Bumblefist just added new dates at O’Leary’s Pub in Eau Claire.  Check out our 2011 calendar!!

Launch of new Bumblefist Website

The new site is up and more info to be added. Check back for schedule updates, photos and more.