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Bumblefist at Rock Fest!!!

Hey BBF Fans!!  It was amazing to see all of the wonderful supporters of live local music out at The View on Lake Wissota last Friday night.  Sharing the stage with 4th Floor, Probable Cause, Grain, and Divided Highway was certainly an honor.  Be sure to catch these bands live whenever they are playing in your area! 

At the end of the night, Bumblefist was awarded the absolutely amazing honor of playing at Rock Fest 2012!!  Look for us Saturday and Sunday in one of the side tents.  More information will be available soon. 

AJ, Cole, Jeremy, Philip, & Stacy could not be any more excited to be playing at Rock Fest and we hope to see you there rocking out with us!!  We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to do this together!  Thank you again for all of your amazing support and love for Bumblefist’s random rock and love of music.  Rock and Roll!!!

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